I can’t believe that Christmas is over and we are winding down the last few days of 2009.  New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it.  So for todays Menu Monday I thought I would give you some gluten free appetizer recipes that you can use for your New Year’s Eve Party or… Read More

If you have Celiac Disease, you know that the days of dinner in a hurry pretty much came crashing to a halt with your diagnosis.  Gone were the days of coming home and slapping a frozen pizza in the oven or calling the pizza delivery man or if you had half an hour, Hamburger Helper.… Read More

A couple of days ago I was talking about Christmas Eve at my house and that I serve Beef Burgandy for dinner.  So I decided to share this recipe with all of you who read my blog. This recipe is my mother-in-law’s recipe.  She would serve this when my sister-in-law and her family would come to… Read More

December is all about the holidays.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or something else, there are always parties to attend or host. At my house we celebrate Christmas, and it’s all about the true meaning of Christmas, family and good food.  Christmas eve is a really good meal then off to Christmas Eve services. Dinner is… Read More

I’m sitting here at my computer, listening to Christmas music, and looking at all the snow we got yesterday, a little over 7 inches.  I know, a small amount compared to what some of the further eastern areas received.  My labrador retriever, Charlie, loves this weather.  He just wants to go outside and play in… Read More

, The Virtual Cookie Exchange was a smashing success.  I have recipes squirting out of my ears. 🙂  Of course some of them will have to be re-worked to make them gluten free, so you will see them at a later date on this blog.  So I am off today to bake Christmas cookies with… Read More

My friend, Susanne Myers, The Hillbilly Housewife, is hosting a virtual cookie exchange.  The following cookie recipe is my contribution.  I hope that you enjoy them.                                         Gluten Free Mock Thin Mints 1 Cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour 1/2 Cup Unsweetened cocoa powder + some extra for dusting 1/4 teaspoon Rumsford Baking Powder… Read More

I thought that I would start blogging more frequently, but I didn’t know just what I would be blogging about.  Those of you that know me personally, know that I rarely run out of things to say, but I want my blog to be informative and fun.  So I decided that I would have a… Read More

Cross Contamination is one of the things we, as celiacs, need to consider whether we are having the party or going to a party and taking food with us. Even just everyday living at home, needs some thought if you live with others that are not eating gluten free. Consider this, you are intolerant to… Read More