Is There Gluten in my Child’s Art Products?

So yesterday I talked about sending children back to school and ways to help keep them gluten-free.

Today I want to talk about Art class.  You’re probably thinking, What does art class have to do with keeping my child gluten-free?.   I’m about to tell you. 😉

Gluten can be found in:

  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Modeling Clay (Play-Doh) but not just Play-Doh
  • And more

I planned on going through a whole list of products that are safe for your gluten-free child, but I found a very complete and informative list over at this website.

Heidi over at Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom has a very thorough list of  gluten-free art supplies.  She also has a printable list that you can print out and take with you shopping or give to your childs teacher.

I would even suggest you print it out and put a copy into that information packet I talked about yesterday.

I hope this helps all you worried moms.  Leave me a comment below if you appreciated this information.

Looking for gluten-free recipes?  Try these:


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