When it comes to breakfast, is hot better than cold? Let’s face it. Sometimes you simply don’t have time to prepare a hot breakfast. On days when time is at a premium, it’s easier to suggest your children eat a bowl of cereal and some fruit. You may be wondering, however, when it comes to eating breakfast is one better than the other?

If you’re a parent who beats themselves up over not feeding your child a hot breakfast every day, give yourself a break. Recent studies have shown that children who eat cereal each day are actually less likely to develop obesity than those who eat a hot breakfast.

But can you trust one report when there are others that indicate cold cereal might not be the best choice. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so ensuring your child eats something – hot or cold, is what’s important. Studies indicate children who skip breakfast are more likely to become overweight or become obese. It’s also a known fact that children who skip breakfast are more sluggish and less alert in school.

Are there advantages to eating a cold breakfast?

* Some cereals contain a good source of vitamins and fiber. You will want to read the labels to ensure your child doesn’t get too much sugar along with including fiber and whole grains.
* Whole grain cereals, even those with higher sugar levels, have less fat than a ‘traditional’ hot breakfast of bacon and eggs.
* Some reports suggest that eating whole grain cereals several days a week can help you lose weight as well as possibly reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease.
* There are many choices of cereal so you will want to be careful with which ones you purchase for your family.

Are there advantages to eating a hot breakfast?

* Hot breakfasts are a great choice on cold days. They help warm the body as well as provide the energy needed to get through the morning.
* Most hot foods you would prepare for breakfast will have limited amounts of sugar or at least give you the option of controlling how much sugar is consumed.
* Hot cereals such as gluten free oatmeal also give you the option of adding other healthy ingredients you might not get in cold cereals.

No one denies the importance of eating breakfast – for children, teens and adults. While there is still debate as to whether cold or hot breakfasts are better, the choice to serve breakfast is not in question. Consider the advantages of each and then make the best decision for your family.