I had the pleasure and opportunity to review Aimee Aristotelous’ new book The Whole Pregnancy. Although pregnant women isn’t my usual target market, perse’, I thought that it fit well with my gluten-free audience of moms and women.

There is some controversy and conflicting research about whether a woman can have a healthy pregnancy without the essential nutrients found in glutenous foods like fortified breads, pastas and cereals. For those of us with celiac disease, there really isn’t a choice but to stay on a gluten-free diet. So how does one remain on a gluten-free diet and have a healthy pregnancy?

Enter Aimee Aristotelous!

Aimee is a certified nutritionist that, when she got the exciting news she was pregnant, she also received a whole plethora of nutrition information and how to have a healthy diet during pregnancy. However, after breaking down the list of “daily recommended foods” into macro-nutrients, the recommended foods were high in sugar, and carbohydrates. So she decided to use her knowledge of nutrition and write The Whole Pregnancy, A Complete Nutrition Plan for gluten-free Moms to Be. To help other women navigate through all of the outdated nutrition information being handed out by their OB-GYNs.

I’m going to start out my review by saying, I love, love, love this book. I told Aimee that I would hold a contest to give away my copy of her book because I am past the child-bearing years, and I will, BUT, I have to tell you that I really don’t want to. The information in this book, in my opinion, is great for every gluten-free, busy woman.

In chapter 3, she talks about the foods that you should definitely eat during pregnancy. Including, but not limited to, nutrient dense vegetables, eggs, and avocados. She also talks about the importance of water and probiotic foods.

In chapter 4, she brings up getting your vitamins and minerals by eating a diet full of real food and/or the controversy around taking synthetic supplements.

In chapter 5, she hits on the many nutrition myths that surround pregnancy, like you’re eating for two now and drink lots of milk. She also talks about the importance of pre-pregnancy nutrition. So this is a great book for those who are just thinking about possibly getting pregnant.

She devotes a whole chapter to gestational diabetes. A very serious condition that affects millions of pregnant women can be extremely dangerous to mother and baby if it goes undiagnosed, but can be completely prevented and/or treated by following a good nutrition and exercise regimen.

Aimee takes you through all three trimesters, giving great advice and information for each individual one. She talks about a fourth trimester, postpartum weight-loss. Where she talks about the “Seven Scales of Hunger”. Great advice on learning to not overeat.  She offers up dietary recommendations for maintaining a healthy milk supply for those moms who are nursing, and still be able to lose the baby weight.

She also helps new moms navigate through feeding baby his or her first solids, and teaches busy moms how to plan delicious, nutritious meals.

The second half of the book is filled with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Most of them with just a hand full of ingredients. Making them really simple for a tired, busy, possibly stressed new mom.

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