Depression is a condition which affects about 15% of the population. Women are more likely to be affected than men. But did you know that a diagnosis of celiac disease can bring on a bout of depression?

It is quite common for people who have been diagnosed as having Celiac Disease to find themselves feeling depressed and anxious. For many there is a link between food and a sense of control over their lives. Celiacs are faced with something over which they feel that they have no control.

A diagnosis of celiac disease, the restriction the new diet places upon on the person, and the sense of isolation created because they feel they are unable to join in with everyone else, can bring on symptoms of depression.

You Are What You Eat

Poor absorption of vitamins and minerals can make those of us with celiac feel unwell, feeling depressed can be a side effect of not having the correct balance of foods which affect your mood and have a significant impact on how you are feeling emotionally. For some, simply sticking to a strict gluten-free diet is enough. 

Find A Helping Hand

But for others outside help in the form of councelling, or psychological support or even just the help of a health coach can be very effective. Someone to help you figure it all out.

Get Into The Drivers Seat

Taking control of your life, finding alternatives to foods you previously enjoyed and living with celiac disease rather than letting celiac disease rule your life is the key. See it as an opportunity to take control of your life, to eat better, fewer processed food, less junk food, and get healthy.

A Positive Attitude Makes All The Difference

Consider your cup – is it half full or half empty. You are on a restricted diet but at least your condition can be completely controlled without resorting to drugs or surgery. Even a shopping trip can be an adventure rather than a drudge – what new gluten-free food can you find?

A Spirit Of adventure

Discover yours! Try new things, take up new interests, meet new people.

On a personal note I have become much more adventurous since becoming a celiac – I’ll try almost anything once! I have extended my range of food; I eat better and more healthily.

All of these strategies can make a huge difference to your state of mind and they are all within your grasp. Take control and get the most out of your life.

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