You would think that after having Celiac Disease for 22 years I would know how to be prepared for being away from home.  Yesterday was not the case.

I spent a large portion of my day yesterday,  hanging out at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital.  My mother-in-law had to have surgery to remove a lesion on her face.  The surgery was done as an outpatient, and as it turns out the lesion was cancerous, but the surgeon feels he got it all, and things should be fine.

Since we had to be up and out the door pretty early, I was really hungry by lunch time.  Usually I would take a couple gluten free snacks to eat just in case there’s no gluten free food available.  I don’t know where my head was yesterday, but I walked out the door with nothing but my notebook so that I could work while we sat waiting, but no food. 🙁

At lunch time my husband and I took a stroll down to the hospital cafeteria for lunch.  With all the strides made towards accommodating  gluten free diets, you would think that at a hospital, I would be able to find something gluten free to eat .  Not the case.

All the food looked really good and smelled even better.  There was chicken parmesan served over, what else, spaghetti.  There were wraps, but, made of course, with flour tortillas.  What I finally chose as the lesser of all the evils was the Lean Cuisine chicken & rice, just the rice, steamed broccoli, and french fries.  I’m not sure if there had been any cross contamination, but I’m not feeling any adverse effects today.

Moral of the story, never take for granted that there will be food for you to eat where ever you are going.  Think ahead and be prepared.

Tomorrow I will return to Halloween Treats.

Mary Blackburn

Living Gluten Free