I can’t believe that it’s back to school time again. My grandchildren are back at school. My oldest granddaughter started mid-August, my daughter’s two oldest girls started back two weeks ago, and the little guy starts preschool today. Getting back to school or starting school for the first time is exciting, but it can also be a little bit worrisome as we try to keep our children and ourselves healthy while being exposed to all those germs that seem to gravitate to children and they drag home.

I have found that dōTERRA makes it a little easier with their On Guard® Protecting Throat Drops. These are a personal favorite of mine because they help me stay on top of my game at school and at home and I like the way they taste. dōTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops provide the immune-supporting benefits of the On Guard essential oil blend in the convenience of an all-natural throat drop Some of the key ingredients in these throat drops are Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, and Myrrh all of which help you and your students stay awake and keep their immune systems boosted during those long hours of studying. Another great time that I like to have a throat drop is right before I teach a class. Whether it’s a cooking class or an essential oils class, they soothe and prep my throat so that I am ready to teach and answer all the questions I get afterwards.

These little throat drops help to keep me and the grandchildren at the top of our game.*

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