Wednesday is Independence Day here in the United States.That means we are smack dab in the middle of Summer. I love summer. I love the heat, swimming, and camping in the great outdoors!

My hubby and I used to camp all the time. Before we had kids and then after too. We used a lot of insect repellent. Probably the kind that really isn’t good for you either. That was before my more holistic approach to life.

I still hate bugs and getting bitten, but now I use essential oils to protect my family and grandchildren from ticks and mosquitoes. I just heard that Pennsylvania is the number one state for Lyme disease reported cases. Mostly concentrated in the central and western parts of the state. I live in Western PA.

I love that I can use doTERRA’s newly formulated TerraShield spray instead of regular insect repellent spray that smells of synthetic alcohol and chemicals. TerraShield uses vanilla bean Absolute and a combination of essential oils known for their outdoor protection properties to  create a natural and effective oil for outside activities.

You can keep it in your backpack, purse, and vehicles to ensure bug bite prevention on the go. It’s easy enough for the whole family to apply since it comes in a spray bottle and it’s safe on your little ones! I live on 10 acres, and I never worry about my grandchildren being outside and taking advantage of their summer outdoor fun. I feel confident  that they are being protected from insects naturally and effectively.

I also use TerraShield in my diffuser outside instead of using smelly citronella candles. It works great at keeping the mosquitoes away.

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