I have been diligently working on a Gluten Free Cookbook that I am hoping  to have  finished and ready for sale in the next week or so.  The recipes are coming along well and I think you will like them.

However today my post has nothing to do with any gluten free products.  I lost my cat, Rocky, today.  Well actually he probably died last night, but I didn’t find him until this morning on my way to work.  You see, I found Rocky dead on the road right in front of my house, this morning.

Let me give you a little background on my Rocky boy.  I live in the country on 10 acres.  Rocky came to us as an almost half dead stray.  He was  malnourished, and could hardly walk.  I nursed him back to health and planned on keeping him as an indoor cat.  Rocky had other ideas. 

Rocky never liked being in the house, except for the short times he came in to be loved, eat, or to sleep off a 3 day disappearence.  I get the feeling that when he disappeared he had another family to visit.

I buried Rocky in the front yard under the American Flag that has been flying there for 6 years, right beside his best bud (another cat) Cry Baby.

Anyway Rocky and Cry Baby are dearly missed and will always hold a spot in my heart.  Tomarrow I’ll be back with more gluten free info for you all.

Mary Blackburn

Living Gluten Free