Todays post is a Salute to Our Unites States Service Men and Women. 

Memorial Day is a day to remember the sacrifices that our brave men and women make every day when they go to work.  It is also a day to remember those who came before us, who helped make our country the Great Nation that She is.

We need to remember those sacrifices that they make not just on Memorial Day, but every day.  When I see one of our brave Service People in uniform, I walk up to them and say “Thank you for your service”.  I then ask them where they are on their way to or from, and before we part ways, I wish them God Speed. 

It always amazes me how appreciative they seem for just those small acts of recognition.

I wish that I could thank my Grandfather John F. Baker, my Father, Elmer R. Frazier Sr. and my Father-in-law, Enos E. Blackburn for their service and sacrifices, but I can’t because they have all passed, but I can thank my son for the 10 years of his service. 

 Thank you, Sgt. James M. Blackburn, (left) I’m so very proud of you!  And I’m so thankful that you and your whole unit came home safely from Iraq.

I hope you all will join me in Saluting our service men and women and give them a huge Thank You when you see them on the streets, airports, bus and train stations of your town!