When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I thought the last thing I would ever need to worry about was losing weight.  Well that was 22 years ago and over those years I have put on a few pounds.  A few “extra” pounds I should say.  So since this is the beginning of a new year and I hope a healthier me, I am starting an exercise program.

My friend Scott Tousignant of Fat Loss Quickie , has a program that he says will get me in shape and feeling stronger in just 30 days and the kicker is:  in Just 10 minutes a day.

I am not a full time, stay at home entrepreneur, yet.  I work a full day at my husbands business and then come home to work on my fledgling business.  I barely have time to sleep let alone go to a gym to work out.

So I’m giving Scott the next 30 days to help me get back into shape and feeling more energetic.  And I’ll keep you all posted on how it is going.