The tradition in our family ever since our kids were little has been to go Christmas tree shopping Black Friday.  Sometimes we would go to a tree farm to cut down our own, but most of the time we just bought one that was already cut.

After we moved to the country, when the kids were 22 and 21 years old, we started getting our Christmas trees at a local tree farm.  We’ve been buying them at the same farm for the past 12 years.

Now that our children are grown, and all work different schedules, the excursion has been changed to the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

So on a very cold November 24th, we all loaded up into our trucks and headed off to the tree farm.  The group included…son Jimmy, his girlfriend Michelle, daughter Jessica, her hubby Rob, their two girls, my hubby Jim and I.

And we’re off!

That’s me carrying the bow saw.  My dear hubby is bringing up the rear with the camera.

Of course our favorite kind of trees, (concolor or white fir) are all at the top of the mountain, and it doesn’t take long for the smallest small fry to tire out.

There is always the precise measuring to ensure the correct height of the tree.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And then the mighty woodsmen fell the tree!


After three more trees come down, we’re ready to head back to get them wrapped and paid for. 


For obvious reasons, this is the part the girls seem to like best!  They get to choose candy canes and a coloring book.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGetting all warmed up!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristmas tree shopping is hard work!  Our small fry didn’t even make it all the way home.  She fell asleep in the truck.

After figuring out who’s trees were whose, we all went to the kitchen for hot chocolate and homemade beef stew.  Yum!