If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it was that we all started cooking more at home, a lot more! I always have dried herbs and spices on hand in my kitchen, but this year I want to be able to supply myself with more fresh herbs. Using herbs and spices to season your food, preferably fresh herbs, is a great way to add flavor without adding a lot of salt or extra sugar. Here are some herbs you can grow in your garden during the spring season.


The first herb you can grow in the spring and use for your dishes is parsley. This is really good when you want to make dishes with rich flavors, similar to Italian and Mediterranean dishes. It’s also an herb that is relatively easy to grow, so even someone without a lot of experience gardening can grow parsley. You will find both flat-leaf and curly-leaf parsley plants. They both pretty much taste the same, it’s just a matter of texture preference.


This next herb I must say I am NOT a fan of. I am one of the many people who think it tastes like soap. However, my husband likes it and it’s an herb that is great for Paleo dishes and a favorite for Mexican dishes too. Cilantro can be grown from the seed or by getting a cilantro plant, since it’s a good herb for beginners. If you are going to make salsa to add to your dishes, you definitely want access to some fresh cilantro at home! Cilantro can be started in the spring, even if it is still a little cold where you live. This is a very tolerant herb and can survive in many different climates.


There are so many things you can do with dill, so if you have room in your herb garden, definitely consider adding it. Not only can you use it for dishes like cucumber salad, but it is also good with other vegetable dishes and tastes great with fish and seafood, not to mention refrigerator pickles. If you want dill in the spring and summer, you should plant it a few weeks before spring begins as long as you don’t have a bad frost. It does best with full sunlight, so it isn’t the best for indoor herb gardening. But, if it is going indoors, just make sure you keep it by a south or west-facing window.


Who doesn’t love cooking with basil? This is probably one of if not the most favorite fresh herb that I use to cook with. It’s an Italian herb that goes great with meat, salads, vegetables, and tons of other dishes. Plus, a little basil goes a long way, especially when you are picking it fresh from your own herb garden.  This can grow well indoors as long as it is placed near a sunny window, so it’s also perfect for container gardening.

Give these delicious herbs a try this spring when you are starting a healthier diet. Let me know in the comments what you like to use them for!

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