As you know on July 2nd, my daughter, son-in-law, and their 2 daughters left for an 18 day Scotland vacation.  Jessica and Rob had lived and worked over there for 4 years after they were married and had made many friends while they lived there.

One of their very good friends was getting married on July 14th so they decided to take the girls on an extended vacation.  Their oldest, Eilidh, was born in Scotland.  Their youngest, Mhairi, was born here in the states, but both girls have Scottish Gaelic names. 

They all had a wonderful time in Scotland and the girls had super fun visiting with their big cousin and swimming and playing.

Anyway, Courtney left to go back home to Kansas this morning, so now I’m back to reality.  I’m still in some pain, but the swelling is subsiding, trying to decide what to do from here.  Cortizone shots or surgery?

I’ll be bringing you the recipes of some of the really good food that we made while I was home with the girls in the coming weeks.