It’s not news that things don’t always go our way.  Our workout plans get canceled, it’s too snowy to make it to the gym, or you can’t even get it together this week to do your grocery shopping, let alone get to the gym.

How do you handle this when it happens to you?

When you can’t make it to the gym, do you have a backup plan for a simple home workout? I invite you to consider a backup plan approach to your wellbeing going forward this year. My backup plan for exercise consists of walking on my treadmill, stretching and yoga.

It is rare when I can’t make it to the grocery store, but if I can’t, my backup plan to get healthy food on the table is that I try to keep a stash of frozen vegetables, fruits, and portioned casseroles in my freezer. It’s almost never that I can’t whip up a healthy meal for my hubby and I just from what I have on hand in the house.

One of my very favorite things to do, especially in the winter, is batch cook. It may take a little longer at the time, but the time it saves when you get home from work late, tired, hungry and not feeling like cooking a healthy meal. I like to batch cook either on Saturdays or Sunday afternoon.

Having a backup plan in your back pocket will help alleviate stress when things veer off course from time to time, so ponder on what those backup plans could be for you and tuck them away until you need them next.