Although I’m not ready for summer to be over, I can’t deny that schools have been starting up all over the country the past several weeks. So I thought it might be a good idea to talk about how important starting the day with a good breakfast is.

Breakfast has long been called the most important meal of the day. Whether the person is an infant, child, teen, adult or senior adult after a long night of being without food, the body needs to break the fast, or  breakfast, to get it going in the morning.

But, if breakfast is so important why do so many people choose to skip breakfast rather than eating it?

When you choose to skip breakfast, you’re really doing a disservice to your body. Not only will you have less energy for the day, you will also be less alert and that could make you irritable. If you want to be at your best, whether going to school or work, eating a good healthy breakfast can help your day go better.

What are other reasons why eating breakfast is so important?

Eating something first thing in the morning will give your blood sugar a much needed boost. Children who eat breakfast each day also do better on cognitive tests. Eating breakfast will also keep you from making bad food choices later in the day.

Some reports indicate eating breakfast may actually help you lose weight. If losing weight isn’t a goal, doing so can help you maintain an already healthy weight. Remember as essential as eating breakfast is, it is equally important to avoid consuming too many empty calories like in gluten-free pastries and donuts. Choose healthier food options such as hard boiled eggs, fruit and egg muffins like these: egg muffins

Okay, so you get how important it is to eat a good breakfast each day, but, how can you ensure you have time to eat?

  • Think about what time you or your children have to be out of the house. Set your alarm clock early enough that you’ll be able to get up, get ready and still have time to eat.
  •  Prepare as much of your morning meal the night before as possible. If you are too rushed for time you can always grab a piece of fruit and an ounce of cheese. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a nutritious gluten-free bread will also do in a pinch. Your body needs both carbohydrates and protein
  •  If you don’t have time to eat breakfast, you can also keep single-serve granola, trail mix or an energy bar in your desk, backpack or briefcase.
  • Perhaps you’re not hungry first thing in the morning. Try eating dinner earlier in the day so you will be hungry when morning comes.
  • When you don’t like breakfast foods, there isn’t anything requiring you to eat them. Eat a sandwich or leftovers from the previous night.

This last tip is my very favorite. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast foods. I love bacon, sausage, waffles, but honestly, those are not healthy options for every-single-day of the week. So, I’ve been known to eat leftover pizza, spaghetti, and even meatballs for breakfast. My daughter says her middle child is weird like me, but if it gets nutritious food into your body, that’s always better than skipping breakfast.

You know how important breakfast is for everyone in your family. Parents face the task of providing guidance for their children in all areas of their life. Ensuring they understand the importance of eating breakfast is one of them. Remember, you have the biggest influence on your children and what they eat, so be a good role model and they’ll be more likely to eat a good breakfast, too.