If you struggle with an anxious mind, as the majority of us do, you’re no stranger to feeling frazzled.  These anxious thoughts can come from lack of organization, fear of the unknown, an overwhelming situation, and more.

Almost all of my anxious thoughts come from fear of the unknown or the desire to control situations in my everyday life. I use my essential oils to help me to relax, but I participated in a vision board class on Saturday. Before we started, the facilitator had us do a short 20 minute meditation to quiet our minds and prepare us to clarify our vision.

That’s precisely what led me to meditate on the word “release” and what that means for each of us.  It’s such a significant word that I wanted to share it with you today and invite you to practice releasing.

Release control.

Release fear.

Release perfection.

It’ll take some practice, but we’re in it together.

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