The week between Christmas and New Years can be jam packed with activities. After Christmas bargain hunting , New Years Eve preparations, visiting relatives, parties, and…leftovers. The only thing better than Christmas dinner is Christmas leftovers.

It’s one of the few times of the year that everyone looks forward to having leftovers. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to use traditional Christmas food creatively in leftovers.

Wraps – Almost anything is good in a wrap. You can use different things for the wrap such as lettuce, cabbage, jicama, tortillas, seaweed and more. Be creative about it.
Go out of your comfort zone and choose an entirely different country. You can use cooked sweet potatoes and other roasted veggies to make vegetarian sushi rolls, or put it all inside some butter lettuce and crunch away.

Soup – You have veggies, you have gravy, you have meat. Well, this is all you need to make a delicious soup. Put it all in the pot, add some broth, and it’ll be done as soon as it’s all hot since the ingredients were already cooked.
It’s a fast way to enjoy soup. Leftover ham, potatoes, and some corn can become corn chowder. Leftover mixed veggies and turkey can become veggie soup. Leftover turkey, gravy, and broth can become dumplings. It’s easy if you think of the flavors and ingredients.

Casseroles – If you have leftover veggies and leftover meat, you can combine it in different ways into a casserole. For example, try this leftover turkey casserole: Cranberry Topped Turkey Stuffing Casserole

Old-Fashioned Sandwich – Try turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing on a gluten-free bread or roll. It’s going to be delicious and will make any leftovers go super-fast. Try toasting the bread first to make it handle more fillings and give you that satisfying crunch.

Pizza – There are so many good gluten-free pizza crusts out there now and anything can go on top of a pizza. Yes, even leftovers. Think outside the box. Putting anything on crust tastes delicious. You don’t even need to add cheese if you don’t want to, but of course, cheese makes everything even better.
Get creative on the type of cheese you use. For example, goat cheese would pair great with turkey, and leftover ham will pair well with cheddar.

Look Up Ideas – There are so many ideas out there about how to use Christmas leftovers that you can find if you do a quick Google search. Try here for starters and your imagination may be ignited for even more ideas: Just make sure that the ingredients are gluten-free or that you can substitute gluten-free ingredients for the glutenous ones.

Using leftovers is a great way to stretch your budget. If you go into planning your Christmas dinner knowing what you’ll do with the leftovers, it’ll help you increase your budget because you are going to use every ounce of ingredients longer than just the one dinner.

It’s not over yet. You have New Year celebrations next. Next time, let’s look at some fun meal ideas that will make your party amazing.