When I was participating in the 30 Day Challenge I did in July, one of the most difficult aspects of sticking to the balanced diet was keeping that balance when snacking and getting the 5 small “meals” a day in.

While it can be quite easy to carefully plan the main meals of your day, planning your in between meal snacks can often prove problematic. It can be done, with a little preparation and the right mind-set, you can ensure that those mid-morning or late afternoon snacks don’t ruin your diet! Let’s take a look at a number of simple snacks that are easy to prepare and tasty to eat!

Mixed Fruit

  • Fruit is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, and yet it’s something that most of us don’t eat enough of. Bringing an apple or banana in to work involves no preparation, little cost, and is a tasty way of boosting your energy levels. Add some of our favorite nut butter to help that apple keep you feeling full longer.
  • For those looking for a little more variety, why not prepare a fruit salad. Chop up your favorite fruit or berries and you can have a delicious treat that won’t mess up your daily diet!


  • Yogurt can be a superb source of probiotics, vital for maintaining a healthy gut. Much like fruit, yogurt involves little or no preparation, and also offer a range of flavors for a varied experience from day to day.
  • Be sure that the yogurt you choose is an all natural yogurt with little to no sugar added.
  • Low fat yogurts usually have a higher sugar content to make up for the flavor that the fat adds to the product.
  • So, by choosing healthy yogurts, you can ensure that your afternoon snack doesn’t ruin your appetite, nor your waist line!


  •  Smoothies can be an excellent way of treating yourself during the working day. By preparing a smoothie to bring to work, you can ensure that you are getting enough fruit and veggies in your diet, and give yourself an excellent energy boost when the afternoon lag sets in!
  • Smoothies also allow you to vary your snack from day to day, ensuring that every day feels like a new treat!


 Salads don’t have to be grand, extravagant affairs. A simple salad can consist of a hard-boiled egg and just a few of your favorite vegetables. The preparation time for a salad snack is minimal, but the benefits are huge. Tasty and healthy, salads are one of the most under-utilized workplace snacks

So why not ditch the chocolate bar and chips, for a healthy, easy to prepare workplace snack!