Stocking a healthy gluten free pantry is simple. You really won’t be giving up much by buying gluten free options. In fact, once you learn how to stock your pantry and what is available today as gluten free products, you’ll eat better than ever. A well-stocked gluten-free pantry should have these items.

Steel Cut Oats – With steel cut oats you can make breakfast, but you can also ground it into gluten free flour suitable for making many different types of breads.

Xanthan Gum – Used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in baked goods, some people have reactions to this ingredient so, if you find that you do, don’t use it. But if you can eat this without a reaction, then by all means try it. It is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way. You only need about one teaspoon in a normal bread recipe. The thing about xanthan gum is that it makes your dough act more like a glutened dough.

Corn Meal – Ensure that you buy the corn meal and not “mix”. The mix has flour in it and isn’t the right type of corn meal to buy. You can use corn meal in a variety of recipes including corn bread.

Brown Rice Flour – You can buy already prepared brown rice flour or make your own by putting 1 cup of brown rice into a high speed blender or flour grinder and grinding until it’s the consistency you want.

Raw Nuts – You can make nut flours from any raw nuts that you purchase. Buy unsalted raw nuts to use for any type of nut flour like almond flour. The harder the nut the better flour it will make when blended in your high-speed blender.

Cocoa Powder – You can buy any kind but of course the 100 percent is best and dark chocolate will give a richer color and flavor to anything you make with it.

Coconut Flour – You can make your own using the leftover pulp from making coconut milk. You can also make it from dried coconut flakes using your high-speed blender.

Baking Powder – You can purchase aluminum free baking powder at the grocery or online.

Baking Soda – Any baking soda is gluten free.

Chia Seeds – These are great blended into flour and used as a binding agent in baked goods or puddings.

Flax Seeds – Buy whole flax seed instead of flour and grind it as you need it because it will last longer.

Expandex Modified Tapioca Starch – This is the best tapioca starch that you can use in your baking. It can also be used as a thickener without adding heat.

Dried Chickpeas – You can make awesome chickpea flour with dried chickpeas and a high speed blender if you like chickpea flour. You should wash them first and pick through the peas for stones, then dry them in the oven for a couple of hours on 200 degrees.

I personally don’t care for chickpea flour in my baked goods. Which is why I came up with my own flour mixture.

Looking for replacements for glutenous ingredients isn’t hard these days. There are entire sections of the grocery store, especially in the baking area, devoted to gluten free cooking and baking. There is no reason to do without when going gluten free.