So I was driving into work this morning and, as is usual when I’m driving, I had the radio on jamming to the oldies station.  Then a commercial came on for Walmart, now I have nothing against Walmart, in fact I do some of my shopping there, but in this commercial they were talking about healthy eating and New Years Resolutions, and they went on to name some food that they had for eating healthier this year.  Food that I, as a health coach, would not consider to be healthy.

I really thought that I have been feeding my family very healthily over the years but, since becoming a health coach, my idea of healthy foods have really done a 180.

My husband and I share the same family heritage of German/Scots-Irish and grew up pretty much eating the same foods.  Dinners growing up consisted of meat or fish, a vegetable and potatoes.

When I got married and had my kids, dinner still consisted of meat or fish, a vegetable and potatoes, but they were healthier versions.  Like instead of deep fried french fries, I made oven fries.

Now instead of potatoes, meat and veggies, we are very heavy on the veggies, less protein and only have white potatoes once or twice a week.

So my question to you is this, Is the food you’re eating really healthy and have you dramatically changed the way you eat now from the way your mother fed the family when you were a child?

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