Oysters are believed to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.  However, there is actually very little evidence to support this claim.  Even so they are still the perfect food for you and your date to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.  Oysters are loaded with a number of health boosting vitamin and minerals that support your entire body.  In this article I will be taking a deeper look at oysters and some of the key nutrients they contain.


Oysters are one of the best food sources of zinc available.  This powerful mineral has a number of important roles in the body.  It protects your cells from free radical damage, increases your metabolism, helps your wounds to heal, assists in the production of certain thyroid hormones and boosts your immune system.  Additionally, zinc supports sperm production which could be why people have believed that oysters are an aphrodisiac for so long.


Copper is another mineral that can be found in high quantities within oysters.  It helps your body to produce a number of important substances including collagen (connective tissue), hemoglobin (a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen), melanin (a pigment that gives the eyes, hair and skin color) and myelin (a protective sheath around the nerves).


 Oysters are absolutely loaded with selenium.  This powerful mineral keeps your immune system strong and may also protect against cancer and heart disease.  In addition to this, selenium supports the joints and can help soothe the painful symptoms associated with arthritis.  Finally, it may improve male fertility which is another possible reason for oyster’s aphrodisiac properties. 

Vitamin B12 

Oysters contain massive amounts of vitamin B12.  This important vitamin helps your body produce DNA and RNA which both carry important genetic information.  Additionally, it supports the production of red blood cells, melatonin (a hormone that regulates reproductive and sleep cycles) and serotonin (a hormone which regulates mood).


Oysters are an excellent source of iron.  The main role of this health boosting nutrient is to help the body produce haemoglobin.  However, iron also keeps your brain healthy and boosts your immune system. 

Summary & Serving Suggestions 

Oysters may or may not have aphrodisiac properties.  However, they can certainly ensure that you and your date have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day.  Raw oysters are a perfect snack food but if you find the taste a bit too much give one of these serving suggestions a try:

Oysters & Sauce:- Lemon juice, red wine vinegar and Tabasco are just some of the many sauces that complement oysters.  Experiment until you find one that both you and your date enjoy.

Oyster Casserole:- If you and your date are both seafood lovers try cooking up an oyster casserole.  Cooking is a great way to spend some quality time with your Valentine’s Day date and have a bit of fun.

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