Coming into contact with chemicals is hard to avoid, and I bet you don’t even realize just how many chemicals are lurking in your everyday items, products, and within your home. Chemicals are common, and although there are many things we can do to reduce chemical use in our lives, it’s also essential to understand how these chemicals can disrupt our hormones.

Known as EDCs, endocrine disrupting chemicals can cause irreversible damage to our bodies. This can cause a disturbance in our immune system, reproductive system, and neurologically — they can indeed create a mess. So let’s chat about some ways to lessen the chemical load in our everyday life.

Natural soaps:

With how often you wash your hands throughout the day, opt for a chemicalfree soap, so you aren’t inviting these EDC’s into your body multiple times a day, every day.

My favorite hand soap to use is doTERRA’s On Guard Foaming Hand Soap. It uses essential oils to combat germs instead of chemicals and alcohol, like other anti-bacterial soaps.

Get cleaning without chemicals:

Do some research on green cleaners for your home, and you’ll even find loads of DIY house cleaners you can make with items you likely already have in your kitchen. You can find a lot of what I use right here: DIY Cleaners  Keeping your house clean is necessary, and you don’t have to use loads of hormone-disrupting chemicals to achieve that!

Don’t use things with fragrances:

Whenever you can, go fragrance-free. Most companies don’t disclose the chemicals they use when they simply put ‘fragrance’ on the list of ingredients. You can use natural essential oils to make things smell good.  One of my very favorite body washes is this one . I love using Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils to help wake me up in the mornings. I also make a homemade perfume with essential oils, vodka and fractionated coconut oil.

Cut down on plastics:

Plastics with BPA and PVC are full of hormone-disrupting capabilities. Try reducing the number of plastic products you use in your life from plastic bags to plastic wrap and everything in between. Start replacing your plastic Tupperware with glass, choose reusable ziplock bags, and simply become more aware of these simple ways you can lessen the chemical load in your life.  This is one of my very favorite glass storage containers. It has a nice lid with a gasket that doesn’t allow leakage.

Eat organically:

I recently talked about why going organic is so important. Disrupted hormones is a huge reason to stay away. Those pesticides on non-organic foods can cause many health problems for you down the road, so choose to eat organic whenever you can. If you can’t select all organic foods, opt for the organic version of the items on the Dirty Dozen list, at least.  If you don’t remember what the Dirty Dozen are, you can find the list here: Dirty Dozen

It’s scary to think about how many chemicals surround us every day. While we can’t control everything that goes on around us, we can at least keep our home environment clean of these hormone disrupters and take steps to be as healthy as possible.

What are some ways that you are getting chemical overload out of your home and life? Leave me a comment below.