All winter long I can’t wait for the weather here in Pennsylvania to warm up enough to pull out the flipflops, kick off the shoes and boots and go barefoot. 😉 I love being barefoot!

What about you? Are you the kind of person who loves to kick off their shoes and get your bare feet into the sand, dirt or grass? Or are you like my husband, whose feet never see the light of day except in the shower or our bedroom?

What if I told you that there is a new wave of thinking that says going barefoot in the grass, dirt, sand or even concrete could help reduce inflammation, keep stress levels in a healthy range, help you sleep better and may even give you more energy?

It’s called grounding or earthing and it was brought to light by a cable TV engineer by the name of Clinton Ober. 

As the story goes, Mr. Ober was sitting on a park bench watching all the tourists walk by in their rubber-soled running shoes and wondered: What if the shoes are the reason so many people develop chronic diseas?

Shoes keep the wearer from making contact with the earth, a natural, energy-filled sphere, his theory began to develop quickly. His book about this theory is called “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” and you can find it here. It’s a very interesting read.

What’s the Theory Behind Grounding?

Mr. Ober bases his theory on the fact that our bodies and cells are full of electrical energy. Positive electrons known as free radicals, build up in our bodies.

Where do they come from?

Electrical energy is all around us. Wi-Fi is in just about every coffee shop and restaurant, cell phones waves, (not to mention smartphones), radio and TV waves, satellite dish…you get the picture. Because of all these electromagnetic waves, a lot of us have a very high amount of positive electrons built up in our bodies.

It Used to Be a Natural Occurrence!

Before we humans became more “civilized”, grounding happened naturally. Our ancestors walked barefoot in the summer, got their hands dirty tilling the soil, gardening, or just playing outside. Even when people started wearing shoes at the beginning of time, the shoes were made of leather, a natural conductor.

Now, we stay inside our heated-in-winter, air-conditioned-in-summer houses playing our electronic games or working on our Wi-Fi connected computers. And when we finally do go outside, most of the time it’s wearing those rubber-soled running shoes, natural insulators.

Think about when you’re on vacation. Do you notice how much better you and your kids sleep after a day spent playing on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or getting dirty in the woods? It’s not just the physical aspect of those activities that give you that peaceful, relaxing, restorative sleep.  Those things all help ground you, ridding you of all those built up, excess positive electrons.

Why do you think we ground electric outlets? To avoid the build up of positive energy! Our bodies need that same discharge, that grounding effect.

So, What is Earthing?

Well, according to Clinton Ober’s book, “Earthing” is the practice of grounding your body to the Earth’s surface by walking, sitting, or sleeping outside, directly on the ground, or using a special device that creates the release while inside.

So how this works is your body takes on negative charged free electrons and then equalizes to the same electrical energy as the earth.

Scientific research shows that Earthing could be beneficial in:

  • Helping support adrenal health
  • Protecting the body from EMF’s
  • Improving blood pressure and blood flow
  • Speeding healing
  • Lessening female PMS symptoms
  • Shortening recovery time from physical activity or injury
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Beneficial changes in heart rate
  • Normalizing biological rhythms
  • Thinning your blood – which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke

These are the ones that I noticed changing in my personal experiment:

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Lowered stress-(I felt more calm and at peace, even after a stressful day)
  • Less muscle tension and tension headaches
  • Reduced and some nights even eliminated snoring in my husband
  • Can eliminate jet lag (This one I will be able to test for myself in September)

Is Earthing Really Necessary?

So, is Earthing something that we all should be doing? The research on Earthing that scientists have been doing show a major impact on the inflammatory process in the body as a result of the electron transfer.

Our bodies are amazing creations! According to Dr. James Oschman, an expert in the field of energy medicine, explains what happens when our bodies experience an injury like this.

When we experience even the slightest bump, our immune system immediately responds and sends white blood cells, (neutrophils), to the injury. Neutrophils secrete Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), called free radicals, in an oxidative burst. These free radical molecules tear things up. If bacteria has gotten into your body, through your skin, these free radicals will destroy it quickly. They break down damaged cells so that there is room for healthy cells to move in and repair the tissue. This is called the inflammatory response.

Inflammation, and it’s five characteristics, pain, redness, loss of range of motion, and swelling, for so long, has been considered a necessary part of the healing process. But what really happens is, that when these netrophils deliver the Reactive Oxygen Species to the injury, some of those free radicals can also leak into healthy tissue thereby damaging it.

But research shows that if we practice earthing or grounding, during and after an injury, electrons will flow into your body, go through your tissues and any free radicals that have leaked into healthy tissue will be immediately electrically neutralized, because the electrons are negative, and the free radicals are positive, cancelling each other out.

So according to Dr. Oschman, when we practice earthing or grounding, we are protecting our bodies from what he calls “collateral damage”. “Damage that was not intended to happen, but does because we have disconnected ourselves from the Earth by putting rubber on the bottoms of our feet”.

Does Anyone Actually Do This?

Dr. Oschman was initially introduced to Clinton Ober by Jeff Spencer, the chiropractor for the Lance Armstrong cycling team and expert in treating professional athletes. I is said that many on the Tour de France including Lance Armstrong used an earthing recovery bag to help increase the quality of sleep and also to speed the recovery of the physical demands while on that endurance race.

Dr. Mercola, a well known doctor and natural health advocate is reported to have been using an earthing mat for years, and reportedly, Dr. Oz recently started using one.

How Do I Get Started?

The best way to get started is by just getting outside and walking barefoot in the wet, dewy grass. If you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean, take a walk on the beach either in the water or close to it, because water is such a great conductor and it is loaded with magnesium.

If walking outside barefoot everyday isn’t an option, you can always get an Earthing mat or earthing sheets.

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