So you’ve made the decision to start journaling for…your health, a weight loss journey, or just to get you through a tough time in your life. Regardless of the reason, getting started may be the toughest step to take towards routine journaling. One way you can get started on the right foot is through journaling prompts. These are questions or ideas that you can use to begin writing to develop the routine of journaling. Here are a few fun journaling prompts that can get anyone started.

What Would You Do If

Prompts that start off with the phrase, “What would you do if,,,”, tend to lead to fun discoveries about yourself. You can find out how you would handle a situation. These prompts can be as dull or as fun as you want them to be, just remember what they do. They actually can show a lot about your personality, your reasoning skills, and critical thinking. You may never actually be faced with what you would do if 100 mice got free in a pet store you managed, but you will find out if you think logically in a high stress situation.

If You Were

If you were prompts can range from very serious questions, like if you were a lawyer, to very funny questions. The idea behind these prompts is to help you work out situations and see them from both sides. Some journaling enthusiasts call this type of a prompt the King Solomon prompt because you end up viewing it from both sides and actually thinking about what you would do if you were king or in charge of laws. These are ideal if you are a political or history buff.

Describe Your Dream Life

Description based prompts, especially ones that deal with your dream life, are very popular. These prompts help you work through what things are important to you and help you find out what things do not matter after certain issues in your life. Ideally these prompts are written so they can be reviewed at a later date. You review the post then look back and see what things no longer matter to you, and rewrite the post. Compare the two to see the differences in your lifestyle and viewpoints.

You can use prompts once in awhile, weekly, or even daily. There are some prompts that are specific to your goals, or you can go with random journaling prompts. You may also want to consider journals that are nothing but prompts.