Here in America, we are looking forward to a long holiday weekend. I will be kicking back and spending some much needed time with my hubby…that is when he is done doing his favorite things to do when he is off. Which is, working outside in the yard!

It will be a quiet weekend for us. Our daughter, who works for UPMC in Pittsburgh, is on call this weekend. So we will not be seeing her and her family. My son is working also, so he and his girlfriend will be absent as well. It will just be Charlie, the Lab, Jim, the hubby, and me.

This is my hubby’s treat day. We will be having hamburgers on the grill, roasted garlic potatoes, and yummy delicious garlic, sauteed kale. I say it’s Jim’s treat day because he doesn’t get hamburgers as much anymore.

What will you be doing this year for Independence Day?