Friday after work, my dear hubby, Jim and I took a little trip to our local Rural King farm store. We were on a mission to find these little darlings. Our new additions to the family, five Barred Rock hens, and two Americauna hens.

This is always such a fun time at our house. The grandchildren love to come visit anytime of year, but especially when we have baby chicks at the house.

We choose Barred Rock hens, because they are winter hardy chickens and lay beautiful brown eggs.

We choose Americauna hens, because they are fun. They lay colored eggs, anything from green to blue to khaki. Which is how they get their nickname of Easter Egg chickens.

In the picture above, you can just see my Labrador Retriever, Charlie on the left, in the background. I think he gets as excited as the grandkids when the new baby chicks arrive.

No this doesn’t really have anything to do with gluten-free living, I just wanted to give you a little peek into my little corner of the world.