One thing about Thanksgiving that I love and have a really hard time doing without, is pumpkin pie. I grew up in a home where my maternal grandmother lived with us. Her maiden name was Sara Good and when she married John Baker, she became a Good-Baker and boy was she ever.

Every Saturday morning I would wake up to the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven, and every holiday at no less than eight different pies, but my all time favorite was the pumpkin pie. My grandmothers pie crust was to die for…flaky, tender, yummy deliciousness!

After I was diagnosed with celiac disease, that was the end of all my grandmothers yummy baked goods. I have tried to make a really good gluten-free pie crust from scratch, and I’ve gotten pretty close, but this recipe forgoes the crust and makes it doable for anyone. I hope you enjoy it.

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Recipe: Naturally Gluten-Free Fresh Pumpkin Pie
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