In case you are wondering why I’ve been on a positive attitude/positive thinking kick the past couple of days, it’s because I’m trying to psych myself up. See, last October my husband’s locksmith store was robbed and tomorrow is the trial for the guy that robbed us. So I’m worried, upset, still angry, but none of those feelings serve me.

Did you know that the way you think could significantly dictate your health, or how you take care of yourself?

Yes, as it turns out, it does matter how you look at the glass; being half full or half empty, and being a woman, makes it even more important to cultivate positive self-talk, because it has proven benefits on your health.

And just to be clear; we engage in self-talk through every hour of our waking existence, even if you’ve never taken the time to appreciate it. Ready to learn how it’s helping me and can help you too? Then read on.

Positive Self-Talk Reduces Stress

The fact is, women are exposed to a greater array of stressful scenarios than men, regardless of what anyone would have you believe. It’s the way of the maternal provider, as women, we are typically tasked with home and child rearing responsibilities, in addition, these days to being fully employed.

As a result, there will inevitably be numerous days when stress gets the better of you – maybe the kids are sick, or there’s an issue in the house that urgently needs fixing. Then, there’s the negative spiral that depressing self-talk can lead to.

Instead, use positive self-talk to re-affirm to yourself that you are capable, that you will survive, and that you are beautiful and good enough. Never feel insignificant, as that is the fastest way to compound negative emotions.

I actually used this logic while my husband was in the hospital and during his recovery from double bypass surgery. I was feeling so overwhelmed. I had all of the animals to take care of, his business to tend to, my business to run, and I was being bombarded by rogue raccoons attacking our livestock, (chickens) at night. I was really questioning if I had what it took to live here in the country. But instead of letting those negative thoughts take root, I started telling myself that I could do this. It was temporary and did have what it took to live here.

Positive Self-Talk Motivates You

That positive talk I had with myself motivated me to continue to do what needed to be done. Besides, my husband was counting on me to “hold down the fort” while he had his surgery and recovered enough to start to help again.

Women frequently suffer from lack of motivation. Given, it is often worse than men, who can become very self-motivated in the matter of an instant. A great example of that is going to the gym. Women tend to be very lax in this aspect, and can easily find ways to talk themselves out of going. However, in that same vein, it is also very doable to talk yourself into going.

Try asserting the goals of fitting into those flattering pair of jeans this summer, or looking totally gorgeous in that bridesmaid dress you are set to wear in the coming months.

Positive Self-Talk Improves Relationships

These can be relationships with friends or family, but are more often associated with a significant other. Positive thoughts and self-talk offers only benefits in building a healthy relationship, as realizing that you are valued and have worth will only cause your mate to show you the respect that you deserve.

Do not devalue yourself, because, it’s very possible the world would start seeing you the way you see yourself.

It Helps You During Times Of Great Difficulty

Financial hardships are a common occurrence to many people today, and end up breaking the best of us. However, instead of wallowing in self-pity, helpful self-tall is the way to go. If you have a fixed income job, you could talk yourself into picking up a side gig of a skill you have, you can make a goal of doing better next month (if your livelihood depends on sales and marketing) or even if it involves personal loss.

Some women take loss too personal, for example the end of a relationship. Grieving is normal, but it’s important for you to realize that you gave it your best. He couldn’t see what a treasure you were!

Positive Self Talk Is Good For Your Health

Women who practice positive self-talk regularly are at the lowest risk of developing certain chronic conditions, such as heart disease. Stress plays a large role in development of high blood pressure and heart disease, and – you guessed it, positive talk does wonders.

Your immune system is also bolstered, almost with the same mentality of “no germs can keep me down”!