Christmas Is One of the Most Stressful Times of the Year

You would think with the beauty of this holiday that it would be a time of reflection, a time to sit in front of a crackling fire and drink hot cocoa and snuggle beneath a thick, fluffy throw – but that’s more likely to be the scene on a Christmas card, rather than reality.

The reality, more likely, is we’re the ones behind the scene dragging in the firewood, lighting the fire, shopping for the cocoa ingredients, unpacking the Christmas throws from the attic, airing them out, giving them a wash…well, you get the picture.

We’re busy enough already, and life becomes even more hectic than usual when the holidays arrive. Thanks to all of the busyness, we tend to over-exert ourselves and the “ho, ho, ho,” can quickly become “bah humbug”!

With all of the activities that center around the Christmas holiday, you need a plan to keep your stress level down (as well as keep your sanity intact). You may still be working at your day job; dealing with childcare issues now that the kids are on holiday break, and worrying about getting the house cleaned for house guests or relatives, as well as providing them with meals once they arrive.

Because the Christmas holiday encompasses so many different aspects, you need a plan that will deal individually with each element so that they work together as a whole to give you a great holiday season day after day.

The season is almost upon us (can you believe how fast the year has gone by?) so you can’t put off planning another day. You need to get started right now. Make a list of what really must be done, in the order of importance, and then create a second column for what you’d like to do, but can live without if you don’t get around to it.

I’ll have more in-depth ideas in my blog post on Wed. November 1st.